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Steal Like an Artist


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Steal Like an Artist

by Austin Kleon

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Go Analogue for making Creative Work

Using analogue tools is very important for creatives. Working on computers doesn't feel like we are actually making something. This is because our body doesn't come into work and we are just typing keys or clicking mouse buttons.


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Let us give more time for doing things in the real world . . . plant a plant, walk the dogs, read a real book, go to the opera.


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Take Your Body Into Work

There is a direct connection b/w our bodies and nerves. When we take our bodies into work and will use analogue tools instead our computers, our work quality will improve and the work will feel like fun.


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Use Computer for Editing and Publishing

Computer is good for editing and publishing your ideas. But it's not good for generating ideas. Computer tends to make us perfectionist because there is always an opportunity to press the delete key. On computer, we start editing ideas before we have them.


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