The Case Against To-Do Lists (and What to Use Instead) - Deepstash
The Case Against To-Do Lists (and What to Use Instead)

The Case Against To-Do Lists (and What to Use Instead)

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Distraction vs Traction

To-do lists allow us to get distracted by the easy or urgent tasks at the expense of the important work. We get pulled off track by distraction — the kind we succumb to without realizing it’s happening. We run faster and faster in the name of getting things done, without realizing we’re headed in the wrong direction. Then when we finally realize we didn’t allocate the necessary time to work on the most important tasks, we tell ourselves, it’s okay. I crossed five things off my list. I’m good.


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Have a weekly schedule

To free yourself from the tyranny of the to-do list, you must break the habit of looking at your list to tell you what to do. So what’s the alternative? Build a weekly schedule .


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