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What Are the Myths You Hold About Your Personality?

Self-concept can shape the way people recall key events in their life. As this so-called narrative about yourself starts to take shape, the details may shift, but overall, it will have some type of theme or organizing framework.

Confronting personal myths may help people develop a more realistic view of themselves and their past. 


What Your Life Story Says About You

The prominent themes in your identity can emerge from certain characteristics you hold based on your gender, race or ethnicity, age, place where you live, and social class.  

The meaning of these characteristics that you hold can be shaped by social norms or expectations. 

You may also have prominent themes based on the way you define your personality.

 The question is, are these themes based on accurate self-reflections, or are they myths? 


Judging Personality from Life Stories

You are always telling your story to others, but you also tell it to yourself. If your personality shapes that story, the question remains as to how closely the events you recall would actually conform to the objective qualities of the experiences themselves. 

Understanding that myths can shape the way you see yourself can help give you clarity in understanding your identity, a process that can continue to shape fulfillment as you continue to merge new events into that ongoing saga.


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