The first NFT house that was sold

The first NFT digital house was sold in April 2021 for $500,000. Designed by artist Krista Kim, the Mars House is composed of translucent surfaces and covered with magenta and blue gradients, set in a mountain landscape with an everlasting sunset.

Kim describes it as a light sculpture and she wishes to sit in it with friends in AR (augmented reality) and drink Champagne and have her zoom meetings in it. Eventually she expects to be able to transpose it over the physical environment.



What Is NFT Architecture and How Is It Different from Regular 3D Models?

The rise of NFTs

The sale of Mars House marks the beginning of a new era, referred as hybrid reality, made possible most notably by the creation of NFTs, non-fungible tokens.

Our grandmothers collected plates and now, we can collect memes

NFTs are becoming increasingly popular in the media with million-dollar transactions such as the sale of the Nyan Cat meme, the 'deal with it' sunglasses, or the first tweet in history made by the founder of Twitter, which recently went up for auction. 


Virtual worlds

NFT architecture is a form of art. Because it is disconnected from the material world, it enables a creative and artistic freedom, giving the possibility to create unfounded and impossible structures, which can nevertheless be virtually inhabited and experienced

The enormous and impossible sphere of the incredible Cenotaph for Newton concept is an example of such a structure that could inspire us in a virtual world.


Furniture and project proposals i NFT

There are a couple more examples of NFTs in architecture. Designer Andres Reisinger made $450,000 by selling his digital furniture collection.

Austrian architect and NFT enthusiast Chris Precht recently stated that NFT architecture creates opportunities, especially for young architects and small offices that could sell digital versions of their designs and raise money to build them in the future.


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