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Why We Speak More Weirdly at Home

Why We Speak More Weirdly at Home

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Familects - family dialects

Familects - family dialects

Many of us have a private language that is only known in our home life. Perhaps you have a nickname from a parent or share an old joke or a shared reference to a song.

Also known as familects, these invented words, pet names, in-jokes, and personal memes emerge from spending time together in close quarters. Listening to recordings of other families can feel like being immersed in a different world.


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Familect creates closeness

Familects are part of the backstage talk we use with people closest to us. They're a home slang and becomes integral over time in your inner circle.

Familects help us feel like family. The in-group language nurtures a feeling of intimacy and establishes identity. Sharing one's familect is also an act of welcoming outsiders into one's clan.


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"And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make…" ~ The Beatles

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