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Moving To A Different Country

Travelling to a new country is a highly disruptive, educative experience, with discoveries and adventure every day: New kinds of food, people, places, customs and cultures.

It is a fantasy of a lot of people to pack their bags and just go somewhere abroad, starting a fresh, new life. The ‘experience economy’ trend (before the pandemic hit the planet) has had the younger generation spending good money on travelling and exploring, instead of buying expensive stuff.



New challenges emerge when we take the plunge and start a new life in a different country. We have to make new friends, learn new languages and cultural quirks, learn the working style, while also staying in touch with our past life.

Technology (Whatsapp, Zoom and social media) surely helps in connecting with our loved ones, especially in dire emergencies. There is so much to do (and learn) that the first six months or one year fly by.


Most people who choose to settle in a different country, far away from their homeland have one thing in common: They are grateful for the experience of a lifetime.

Staying in touch with the people who love us becomes a top priority, as we realize the value of people. There are periods of gloom, self-questioning or loneliness, something that has to be endured.


One cannot expect miracles in a few weeks or months after moving to a different country, with a new time zone, language, laws and people.

It generally takes about two years to know a place fairly well and settle there. One has to put themselves out there, trying new things, just to meet new and interesting people.


Moving away from one’s family and comfort can alienate many people, with different kinds of food, timings and other rules. The trick is not to get into a constant comparison mode and endure the new routine, which will help one learn and grow. People will appreciate you if you make the effort and absorb their customs and rituals.

The expat experiences real freedom and independence once the world around them is familiar and friendly.



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