Making Friends In A New Country

Shifting to a new country comes with a laundry list of challenges, like mastering cultural quirks, finding a decent place to live and of course, making new friends.

It is often our work life that dictates our social life (same story in most metropolitan cities across the world), but one has to venture out and try new things to develop a network of friends apart from our colleagues.



How do you make friends in a new country?

  • Being Persistent: Try to join the local gym or yoga class, any morning or evening routine that regularly makes you be with the same people(apart from the office). The key to developing new friendships is to stay regular and persistent in the places you shop, exercise or eat. As more and more people get to see you often, you will start to get invitations for gatherings where you may make friends.
  • Social Networking: A fast-paced life makes it hard to even meet up with friends we have known for years, and many find it easier to use online dating apps like Meetup for going out and trying to have some fun with new people.
  • Breaking Barriers: Having a common language helps in breaking down the barriers to friendship. Being part of the same cultural or religious group helps to bring people together. However, one must ensure to follow the four basic rules: Accept the other, respect the differences, get into a constant learning mode, and meet new people often.



If the goal is to make new friends, being needy does not help. It is better to stay independent, fearless and confident, a quality that attracts other people naturally.

One has to move away from family, comforts and dive into a life of adventure, where uncertainty and the occasional loneliness have to be fought with.



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