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 Do you really know why you do what you do?

Do you really know why you do what you do?

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What is Choice Blindness

What is Choice Blindness

Studies have shown that if you can get people to see the opposite view and engage in a conversation with themselves, that could actually make them change their views.

We sometimes like things that we have been led to believe we like, explaining away our choices afterwards. This is called choice blindness.


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Self-knowledge as self-interpretation

Self-knowledge as self-interpretation

We see ourselves making a choice, & when asked why, we just try to make as much sense of it as possible when making an explanation. But we do this so quickly and with such ease that we think we actually know the answer when we answer why

It can make understanding people tricky because when you ask people the question "why", "So why do you support this issue?" "Why do you stay in this job or this relationship?" -- you may actually create an attitude that wasn't there before asking the question.


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Choice blindness can be good

Choice blindness can be good

  • It means we can change our minds. Our attitudes are not set in stone. It opens up our mind to the possibility of growth. Our priorities change and so can our choices.
  • Getting rid of the need to stay consistent with our likes & dislikes is actually a huge relief and makes relational life so mush easier to live.
  • The possibility of making others understand our choices gets bigger, if we can only get them to engage with the issue and see it from the opposite view.


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