How to read more Books? TATS PODCAST | S2E164 - Deepstash
How to read more Books? TATS PODCAST | S2E164

How to read more Books? TATS PODCAST | S2E164

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1. Do not finish it.

1. Do not finish it.

Just because youve started a book doesn't mean you have to finish it. Find any literature that you actually enjoy reading. When you like what you're reading, Youll be more motivated to find time to read it.


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2. Get in your zone.

2. Get in your zone.

Design an environment that allows you to get in your zone and be lost in the wonders of reading. Experiment on differents cenarios and places where you feel comfortable reading..


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3. Hit a target.

3. Hit a target.

Nothing makes you work faster until you have a deadline to meet. Set a realistic number of books or deadline to finish a book. When you have a clear description of what to achieve, you have a sense of direction on how to get there.


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4. Minimize decision fatigue.

4. Minimize decision fatigue.

One of the blocks that can hinder your reading habit is "decision fatigue." Reduce it by preparing your reading list in advance. When you have a list of books to read, nothing holds you back on your reading habit.


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5. Smell and feel them.

5. Smell and feel them.

There's a physical representation when you actually hold a book in your hands. When you read a physical book, you tend to interact with it more.


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