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Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

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Have a definite chief aim!

Having a definite chief aim is so much of importance in ones life. Bruce Lee had one, Hill had one, Henry Ford had one, and almost every person of great achievement had one. So:

  1. Give a thought on what you actually want in your life. You can think as big as you can, but remember not to go small.
  2. Write down your definite chief aim in a clear, concise format, alongwith the timeframe to achieve it.
  3. Put your statement at a place where you would see it often, and unconsciously


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Knowledge, is not power!

Don't geet me wrong. That's what the book says. And I would say I totally agree with this. This is something that I wish our schooling systems should know and adapt to.

  • "Knowledge is not power, it is potential power!"
  • Convert knowledge to real power, by applying it in real life problems.
  • Real education is 'applying your knowledge to make definite plans, and reach them according to your goals'.
  • Learning, as it is said, should never stop!


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Leadership traits that can be developed

"A manager does things right, a leader does the right thing!"

"You manage things, but you lead people"

With that in mind, let's see 10 leadership traits, that can actually be developed:

  1. Self Confidence
  2. Self Control
  3. Sense of Justice
  4. Definiteness of decision
  5. Doing more than paid
  6. Sympathy, and understanding
  7. Assuming full responsibility, even for others' mistakes.
  8. Mastery of details
  9. Definiteness of plans
  10. Co-operation

"Leadership should never be forced, it should be concented by others."


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