Cosmos Blockchain (ATOM)

Cosmos is an interoperability chain for all other chains. Apps and services connect using IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) protocol. It helps with:

  • Routing: Connect compatible chains (like Ethereum and Bitcoin)
  • Marketplace: move between assets.

The ATOM coin is used only for staking and developers don't have to pay to use the SDK. This made the platform popular amongst Indian and Chinese developers. It also means that platform traffic does not necessarily inflates the price.



Cosmos: The Internet of Blockchains

  • DeFi: Create exchanges and marketplaces that allow anyone around the world to buy, trade, invest, and lend – even without a bank account.
  • Game economies: Create in-game assets that are available forever and that can be exchange for loot from other games.
  • DAO: Empower your community to organize and allocate resources to its members. Vote on impactful governance decisions.


The Cosmos Vision

The vision of Cosmos is to make it easy for developers to build blockchains and break the barriers between blockchains by allowing them to transact with each other. The end goal is to create an Internet of Blockchains, a network of blockchains able to communicate with each other in a decentralized way.

This is achieved through a set of open source tools like: 

  • Tendermint, an innovative proof of work consensus mechanism
  • the Cosmos SDK - letting devs delploy fast and cheap apps 
  • IBC - the interoperability layers letting other chains connect to Cosmos



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