A Voice inside our heads

We all have a voice inside of our heads that seems to comment on everything it sees. It also loves to criticize you or push you to go after things it desires - Things like more food, money, sex, alcohol, drugs, travel, entertainment.

This dialogue distracts us from the present. It makes us less focused and even disappointed in ourselves by making us question our self-worth.



The Present Is Your Friend — Don’t Resist It


Train your mind-voice

Have you noticed that your thoughts never say something like, “Wow, it’s such a wonderfully normal and mundane day? Let’s enjoy that cup of coffee. Don’t get worked up about stupid things like traffic. Just enjoy yourself!”

The mind never says things like that by itself. You need to TRAIN your mind to speak to you like that.


Notice where the voice likes to wander

Notice that your mind always loves to go to the past or the future because that’s where it can get your attention.

It always tries to escape the present which is your most valuable asset. Train your mind to come back to the present.


How to train to think?

Train yourself to think about your thoughts in a way that it’s not a part of you. You’re the consciousness who’s noticing the thoughts. You’re not the thoughts. You merely notice them.

But most of us identify ourselves with our thoughts. We actually listen to the thoughts, and as a result, we’re hardly present.


Follow the trend

When you resist the trend, you become distracted, restless, and dissatisfied with the present. No good ever came from a mind that’s lost in thought. It only causes suffering” - Eckhart Tolle

What’s the trend? That which is present. That which is bigger than you. That which is important.


What’s “follow the trend”?

Following the trend doesn’t mean to blindly follow others. It means to follow your trend. Your present. Your immediate needs.

Always work with the trend. Stay in the present, and make it your friend. Every time your mind is trying to take you to the future or past, become aware of it, and say, “You’re not my friend. The present is. Goodbye,’ and snap back to what’s in front of you.


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