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5 fascinating cultures around the world - Travelstart Kenya's Travel Blog


Huli – Papua New Guinea

The Huli are one of the most famous tribes on Papua New Guinea, an island in Oceania that is home to hundreds of unique traditional tribes.

The Huli are proud and fearless warriors who are known for their ornate headdresses and unique way of painti...

Kazakhs – Kazakhstan

The Kazakhs are a semi-nomadic tribe who have been travelling through the mountains and valleys of Kazakhstan since the 15th century.

Along with taming wild horses, one of their most famous ancient traditions is hunting with eagles. It is seen a...

Rabari – India

India is a land of mystery, magic, and incredible culture. The Rabari, who are believed to have migrated from Iran more than a millennium ago, have roamed Western India for almost 1,000 years.

Their intricate embroidery, magnificent brass jewellery, and tattoos are ...

Loba – Nepal

The ancient “Forbidden Kingdom” of Mustang, which was a lost kingdom of Tibet, is a remote and isolated region of the dramatic Himalayas in Nepal . It is a place shrouded in mystery and mysticism and home to the Loba people (or Lowa).

They practice an ...

Gaúchos – South America

Galloping across the wild prairies of Argentina , Paraguay , Uruguay , Southeastern Bolivia , Southern Chile , and Southern


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