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How to Write Genuinely Useful Reviews Online

How to Write Genuinely Useful Reviews Online


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How to Write Genuinely Useful Reviews Online

Include relevant details only

When writing a review, although everyone likes a good story, it's important to only layout your experience with relevant information that other people might base their opinions upon. Such as the date when you went, when you placed an order, when did it arrive, etcetera.

Whether you're writing a complaint or a compliment, readers would like to know the service time, how the staff is towards the customers. 


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One of the largest criticisms of online reviews is that many of them are vindictive and target specific individuals.

It doesn't make the review useful when you "blast" a specific person, it only makes it seem pompous and blathering. Keep the review about your experience and omit individual names.


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"Good" is not always positive

A good review is the type of review that is useful to the people who will come along behind you.

It's great to read a review that is intelligently, coherently, and honestly sharing their experience, whether negative or positive.

When writing a review, you must organize your thoughts, use complete sentences, and then check your spelling and grammar before posting it.


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This doesn't work for everyone but it can make your review stand out and certain. Leave your contact details on your reviews so that people may be able to contact you to corroborate your story.

Sometimes we need the cover of anonymity to be truthful and honest without the fear of reprisal or judgment, but if you're able to stand behind your words, it most certainly helps.


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You don't need other people's opinions to bolster your own.

Remember that your review is about your own experience.


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Address the other side of the story

Positive reviews almost never gets challenged, but they're most often ignored by future readers. It's the negative reviews that capture the attention of the crowd.

However, negative reviews can be useful if you address why you think your experience unfolded the way it did.

We understand that there is no excuse for poor treatment and bad service, but if we show a little understanding, it can validate your review as an honest one.


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