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How Social Economics Influences Your Future

How Social Economics Influences Your Future


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How Social Economics Influences Your Future

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Social Economics

Social Economics is a branch of economics and social sciences that puts focus on studying and analyzing the relationship between social behavior and economics.

It attempts to explain how a particular social group or social class behaves within a society and this includes their actions as consumers.


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Two Broad Perspectives of Social Economics

  • The first perspective applies the basic theoritical and applied tools of neoclassical microeconomics to areas of human behavior that isn't considered proper;
  • The second perspective applies the ideas of other social sciences such as sociology, psychology, and identity group studies.

The theories of social economics consider factors that are often outside of mainstream economics, this includes the effect of the environment and ecology on the consumption of wealth.


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Understanding Social Economics

Different socioeconomic classes have different priorities regarding how they direct their funds. A socioeconomic class are grouped together with similar characteristics like:

  • Social and economic standing
  • Level of education
  • Current profession; and
  • Ethnic background or heritage

Due to the differences in such charateristics, certain goods and services are unavailable to specific classes becuase they may not be able to afford them.


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Gauging The Impact of Social Economics

An individual's socioeconomic status can significantly impact their educational attainment and financial security.

Studies show that those who come from a lower socioeconomic status were related to having poor cognitive development, language, memory, and socioemotional processing, and consequently poor income and health in adulthood.

The negative impacts are significant to the point that it affects children long-term.


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