How to use social media for self improvement.
  • Be Positive :Remember, we want to build ties, not burn them down.
  • Know your intentions:be geniuine before posting anything publically.
  • Be your authentic self : It’s easier to be present when you’re being true to yourself.
  • Respond with your full attention :We may not be able to reply to everyone, but responding thoughtfully when we can makes a difference.


How to Use Social Media for the Betterment of Your Community. And for the Betterment of Yourself.

Boost productivity using social media.

Collaboration within your Organization :Allowing employees to engage with the organization, and to take pride in sharing and promoting the company they work for can have huge impacts.

Problem Solving : You never know who might have the best solution lurking in their brain, and whether or not you would have sought that person out for help if it weren’t for social media.

Rapid Feedback : Social media can help you stop wasting time for responses.


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