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Why Do We Love Tiny Things? The Psychology Behind It Is Complex

Why Do We Love Tiny Things? The Psychology Behind It Is Complex

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Miniature items were invented for adults

Miniature items were invented for adults

Originally, dollhouses were not conceived as toys. The first baby-houses of 17th century Germany and Holland weren't even for children. They were objects for wealthy adult women to fill with expensive creations.

The first "playing" dollhouses were kitchens with miniature pans and copper kettles the size of a thumb to teach small girls how to keep house. It was only when girls started having fun that it became an object of play.


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Why miniatures are appealing

Why miniatures are appealing

Psychological studies found that we attribute voices and ideas to miniature people and objects when we're about four to six. From there, miniatures can attract us and can develop into adult obsessions.

Miniature things invite respect for the craftsmanship, and the accessories offer an alternative life where people can build lives they'll never be able to experience in full size. One of the most ornate dollhouses was constructed by Colleen Moore, a silent film star of the 1930s. Her castle is only challenged by Queen Mary's Dollhouse, a five-storey that is on display on Windsor Castle.


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Miniature houses offer safe spaces

Miniature houses offer safe spaces

In psychological terms, dollhouses offer a safe space that promotes total control. For children, dollhouses present an environment at their command, even if their own world is chaotic or full of domestic sorrows.

In a world where most millennials are unable to get on the real property ladder, it's no surprise that dollhouses provide a bit of wish fulfilment.


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