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Why Everyone You Know Suddenly Has Main Character Syndrome

Why Everyone You Know Suddenly Has Main Character Syndrome

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Main Character Syndrome

Main Character Syndrome

Main character Syndrome refers to a situation where people consider themselves the star of the feature film that is their everyday lives.

The syndrome exists in the overactive minds of the internet's many self-identified leading characters who embrace memes that encourage this outlook. However, Main Character Syndrome is also an important coping technique. During the pandemic, main character memes have helped us accept life's up's and downs as plot developments in our story.


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Main character memes

Main Character Syndrome is not a new trend. People have thought of themselves as the protagonists of the fictionalised story of their lives since people talked about their lives around campfires.

What sticks out now is how willing we are toward being self-referential. The funniest and most relatable main character memes are the ones that remind us of how our younger selves really thought we were living in a Disney movie.


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We love being noticed

Being watched or surveilled is usually bad, yet we love being noticed. The "main character" meme satisfy our desire to be seen. We want to be singled out for being unique.

We all crave some confirmation that our lives may seem ordinary, but it's really part of a remarkable story. Because if people (or governments) are watching, it means we matter, and there is a reason to keep going.


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I control my emotions, not the other way around.

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