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The Necessity of Moving From a Me to a We Culture

The Necessity of Moving From a Me to a We Culture

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The individual narrative

The narrative of the individual has been central in our culture since the start of the Enlightenment. Each person is raised to become autonomous and high-achieving, resulting in achievements in science, technology, and education.

But the individual narrative has also created a world of power and privilege, inequality and trauma—for example, the high divorce rate, political conflict, and instability within the family.


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Moving toward relational intelligence

The concept of self-help still dominates the mainstream. However, we cannot continue along our current path. We are at a place where either the system collapses or a new paradigm arises.

It appears that we are moving towards a new paradigm where we embrace the whole instead of only the parts - where the relationship is at the front instead of the individual.


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A paradigm shift

A paradigm is a mental model or a frame of reference. A paradigm is a set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitute the way of seeing reality.

Paradigm shifts do not happen by themselves. They are driven by agents of change - scientific, cultural, and philosophical. Paradigms change when they can no longer hold the new experiences, perceptions, or discoveries. 


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The relational narrative

A new paradigm shift from the age of the individual to the age of relationship is witnessed. We are born in relationships, live in relationships, suffer in relationships, and are changed in relationships. 

This new view of relational well-being, where the welfare of one is dependent on the welfare of all, encourages collaboration, co-creation, and cooperation. It is equal and healing. 


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