Council Post: 15 Ways You Can Find The Confidence To Speak Up - Deepstash
Council Post: 15 Ways You Can Find The Confidence To Speak Up

Council Post: 15 Ways You Can Find The Confidence To Speak Up


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Council Post: 15 Ways You Can Find The Confidence To Speak Up

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– Alexander Gregg

There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject, then to get your subject into yourself, and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience.”


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The Phobia of Public Speaking

Speaking in front of people is one of the most common phobias out there. But this phobia is particularly harmful in the business world. You have ideas, input or questions — things that need to be addressed if the project is going to proceed smoothly.

It's just a matter of starting slow, with a few simple statements or questions here and there, then working forward.


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1. Take Small Steps Before You Run

If you have an idea that you're afraid to voice to a group, first share your idea and ask for feedback from someone you trust. Then commit to sharing one comment during a meeting to introduce your idea. Afterwards, invite outside perspectives by asking a witness what they thought of your contribution.


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2. Identify Occasions You Feel Comfortable Speaking

Ask if there has been an occasion where you had no difficulty in expressing your feelings and your voice being heard. This could be outside of work with friends or family members. Once you have identified the situation, ask what were you doing differently or to imagine yourself a year from now looking back to a situation where you were direct. What did you do differently?


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3. Write Down What You're Going To Say

Writing down what you're going to say helps when you struggle to speak up, as it minimizes stutters or stumbles. Know that it is OK to read your thoughts and feelings: It gets you out of your head and makes you sound clearer and more concise.


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4. Develop Your Skills In Lower-Risk Environments

Identify some opportunities to get out of your comfort zone. Look for people or environments that are lower in risk, or where you have a strong support system for trying new things. Let a trusted colleague or mentor know that you want to build confidence in this area, and ask them to observe and share feedback to help you grow.


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5. Define Why Your Voice Is Important

Small voices have a big impact. Start a conversation with yourself. Why is what you have to say worth overcoming your nerves? Who or how you are helping by raising your hand?

Who will you inspire and why are your words welcome in the world?


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Remember: There's A Reason You're At The Table!

You owe your colleagues and clients the wisdom of your opinion. Remember, you get paid because of your expertise! As long as you are confident in how you came to your conclusion, stating that point of view can begin with one sentence. Nothing more. A simple statement of opinion with the reasoning behind the "why" creates an opportunity for others to get curious and engage in dialogue.


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