The soldier mindset makes evrything such that the person having it is persuaded that he is the only right person. It makes you adamant to your thoughts. It hides the truth. 

People with this mindset do everything to prove that they are right. 

Ex- A spy gave some secret info. and the paper on which he wrote the info. was found. The handwriting was researched it seemed to belong to xyz. Another person, abc, was also found to have the same handwriting. Nearly everyone, having soldier mindset, said that abc had copied the handwriting of xyz and xyz was the actual spy. Thus, xyz was put in jail.


Key Insights from The Scout Mindset by Julia Galef

 They take it becuase of: belonging and comfort.

Belonging: Suppose you belong to a church, but now you have lost faith. So, you think of leaving. But leaving also means abandoning your family, and friends. Would you be adamant? If you would, you took the soldier mindset.

Comfort: The soldier mindset gives you loads of it. Isn't it so much comfortable to avoid everything that denies to your ideology?

You accept it or not the soldier mindset is not a good option. It can put an innocent in jail or even to death. 'I am right, everything except my ideas are wrong.' it says.


The scout mindset suggests you to get good at being wrong. Try proving yourselves wrong everytime. People with the scout mindset increment their chance of being with truth by getting good at being wrong.

How do you get good at being wrong? Simple- question your acts.

Ex 2- The author once faced an article titled, 'Soldier mindset leads to success.' Now she could take the soldier mindset and throw it away. and she did. But then she adopted the scout mindset and thought that 'Would I place it in my book if it suggested the opposite?' 

And she trid her best to prove the scout mindset wrong. 


The scout mindset starts with proving yourselves wrong. And to prove your acts wrong you have to test yourselves. 3 types of tests:

  1. Skeptical test: Here you think what would you do if the action you will be taking had an opposite context.
  2. Outsider test- Here you look at your situation as a complete outsider who just knows the headline of the situation. Ex- Intel was failing as a micro-chip company. They took the test and they converted to microprocessor company.
  3. Status bias quo test- Here you look as a comlete insider nad look at all the facts.


Oh, there was another person named mno who has a scout mindset. He questioned everyone's believes. and after much struggle he proved that xyz was not the spy and abc was.

And that's how a scout mindset saved a life.

Have a happy scout mindset!


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