Why networking?

Interacting with people with same interests but from different professions, nationalities, and cultures gives you a broader scope of life. Networking is an opportunity to practice starting conversations, communicating clearly and learning about people around you. These interactions will increase your confidence, and you will no longer feel anxious about starting a conversation with strangers.

Another undeniable benefit of networking is the impact on your business or career. Experts agree that success has a direct link to your networking skills. More connected individuals are more successful!



The Importance of Networking: Why Networking Skills are Necessary


Well, what exactly is networking?

 Well, in simple terms, networking is all about making long term connections or relations, in which both the both the sides are, or will be benefitted mutually.

Networking can happen just anywhere. Whether you're in the market, in a group event, or even in the queue to order your morning coffee! In recent times, networking has been made easy like never before, because of the evolution of networking apps. (Although one flaw is that you may meet some undesired people)

There are always networking opportunities all around for those who are intentional about creating networks.



Practical methods for networking

Excellent Conversation skills take time to buildup.

If meeting people physically seems out of reach, start using online services to meet random people and find some with same interests. That way, initiating the conversation would be easier. 

Complimenting someone’s outfit or accessories while waiting for your coffee, train, or service is all it takes to start a conversation.

 Also, there's no "One fit for all" thing in networking. Start to observe what is comfortable for you. When you have identified your best strategy and networking style, consider places and events to network.



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