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What Is Foreshadowing: With Examples

What Is Foreshadowing: With Examples


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What Is Foreshadowing: With Examples

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The Two Types of Foreshadowing

Direct foreshadowing is simply the most obvious way for an author to prepare the reader for an upcoming event in the narrative. This can be done through a prologue, a dialogue, a statement by the narrator, or through a prophecy.

Indirect Foreshadowing can take many shapes and forms. It can be purveyed by noting small changes in the environment, choosing a particular setting, including conversational remarks, or even mythical omens or superstitious beliefs.


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Commonly Confused Techniques

Chekhov’s Gun: The author Anton Chekhov, when discussing the craft of writing, reportedly said that if there is a gun on the wall in Act 1, it must fire by the end of the play. In other words, no irrelevant elements should be placed in a text.


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Flashbacks and Flash-Forwards

Flashbacks and flash-forwards are scenes that interrupt the flow of the narrative so make sure they are absolutely necessary


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Red Herrings

This is misleading clues and not to be confused with a foreshadowing element


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Include Clues in Your Title

Creating anticipation in your reader is by including it in the title of the book or a chapter.


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How to Foreshadow in Your Writing

  1. Take Inspiration from the Screen
  2. Foreshadowing Through Pacing
  3. Foreshadowing Through Dialogue and Reactions
  4. Foreshadowing Through Settings and Symbolism


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