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10 Video Games That Teach

10 Video Games That Teach

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The brain should always be fit and healthy just like the rest of the body, and this game will help kids and parents work out together. It also includes a Daily Exam mode that tracks your progress and can be viewed on a monthly chart.


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Crazy Machines 1: The Wacky Contraptions Game

A crazy scientist and his equally crazy experiments always spell fun for kids who love puzzles, inventing things and machines. They can invent their contraptions and put them all to work in this award-winning game.


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PBS Kids Lab

There are a lot of learning games to choose from on this website that would provide endless hours of learning fun. It also includes a kids’ show, an app for parents, books, and instructions for activities kids can play in school and at home


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Art Academy

Kids in Japan and other countries are loving this art training simulation that can be played on a Nintendo DS gaming console. It has a Lessons and Free paint mode, all packed with everything that children could learn about basic art and art appreciation.


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A phenomenal following by kids and kids at heart have made this game so popular and trendy. With several modes to choose from, this game which lets players build anything with different cubes and fluids will surely enthrall kids who love to create from their imagination.


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Lego Dimensions

In the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, kids loved Legos. In this generation, the company has upped the ante and brought the toy blocks to life. It has also included superheroes and characters such as Batman, the Fantastic Beasts and the Ghostbusters in different storylines.


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Although it is sometimes compared to Minecraft, this game is an extensive multiplayer game which allows kids and adults to create their own game using blocks or bricks much like Legos.


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The Witness

Who doesn’t love solving puzzles? Imagine exploring an island filled with puzzles and mazes to crack. Kids love challenges, even really difficult ones in video games, so there’s no question why this one was quite a hit.


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Epistory – Typing Chronicles

Kids start learning how to type early, and adults continue to practice typing especially when they need it for work. This action adventure game hit the spot for those who love games and strive to type faster as well.


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Human Resource Machine

This one’s a bit more for the adults, but kids these days sometimes are into games that are a bit more advanced for their age. This game involves an office worker in a corporate structure going through a day at work.

Despite the fact that video games teach kids and help them love to learn, parents and educators still should not throw caution to the wind and just allow them to spend a lot of time ensconced on the computer and their gadgets. 


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