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Kids Addicted to Videogames

Kids Addicted to Videogames

  • When we see kids playing videogames all day, we think they are addicted, and that it is harmful.
  • In most cases, there is no addiction, but just overindulgence,
  • In cases they do seem addicted, it may be due to some unmet psychological needs.


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Moderate Gaming

Moderate Gaming

Kids have been naturally avoiding schoolwork or household chores way before video games came in the picture.

And moderate video game playing, less than three hours a day is not an addiction but can actually be beneficial for the cognitive and reflexive development of kids.


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Unmet Psychological Needs

Unmet Psychological Needs

There are certain psychological needs that kids look for:

  • Competence: Kids need to compete, grow, and attain mastery over tasks.
  • Autonomy: A sense of freedom and control.
  • Relatedness: A want of being worthy to others while wanting others to matter to us as well.


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What Kids Want

What Kids Want

Ultimately, parents’ intention should be to help kids learn strategies for self-regulating their habits.

By fostering intentional taskwork, and helping kids make proper choices, parents can help kids obtain what they are looking for.


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