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8 Signs You Might Be an Introvert

8 Signs You Might Be an Introvert

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People who are introverted are focused more on internal thoughts, feelings, and moods instead of external stimulation. They’re more quiet, reserved, and introspective.

Unlike extroverts who gain energy from social interaction, introverts have to expend energy in social situations. After attending a party or spending time in a large group of people, introverts often feel a need to "recharge" by spending a period of time alone.


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If you identify with characteristics of both introversion and extroversion, then there’s a good chance that you’re one of the 70% of people who fall somewhere in the middle.

Ambiverts enjoy spending time with others and spending time alone, depending on the situation and their needs at the moment.


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A theory suggests that introverts have naturally high levels of arousal. Because of that, they tend to seek activities and environments where they can escape from overstimulation.

Introverts are more alert and take in more information from the environment.

Escaping somewhere for some alone time to recharge gives them the opportunity to process and reflect on what they have learned.


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Introversion vs Shyness

Introversion vs Shyness

Shyness indicates a fear of people or social situations. Introverts, simply do not like to spend a lot time interacting with other people. However, they really appreciate being around people they’re close to.

They avoid “small talk” and crave deep, meaningful conversations. Introverts think about things before talking. They want to have a full understanding of a concept before they voice an opinion or try to offer an explanation.


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