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Why ambiverts are better leaders

Why ambiverts are better leaders


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Why ambiverts are better leaders

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Introverts Vs Extroverts

Some questions are fundamental: Fiction or Nonfiction? Cat person or Dog person? And this: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Each of these identities has its pros and cons, but no one can say that a particular one is better. Extroverts have long been celebrated and rewarded due to their natural people skills. Introverts are, strangely enough, proven to be better CEOs, though the confident attitude of an extrovert is better suited for the image of a CEO.


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  • A 2013 study challenged a long-standing myth of extroverts being better in a sales environment.
  • Another study found that introverts are actually better managers.
  • People with a flexible pattern of talking and listening, along with a dose of assertiveness can persuade in the best way and close a sale.


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Ambiverts, part introverts and part extroverts, are enthusiastic, social, but also are good listeners and can do well without having the need to hog the limelight.

It is a requirement for leaders and managers in this age to be a blend of extroverts and introverts, having the strengths of both, in order to work in flexible and empathetic work environments.


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The ongoing once-in-a-century pandemic makes ambiverts (part introverts and part extroverts) an ideal blend in the corporate world. One has to be adaptive and take on the traits of both, like listening well, or being a dynamic personality in meetings, in a measured way.

One needs to be able to initiate conversation or small talk without hesitation. One also needs to be quiet and let the others take centerstage.


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Being both an introvert and an extrovert(as per the requirement) is about how you are able to energize yourself, refilling your mental energy tank. It can be a 15-minute break sitting alone, or a trek with a group of people, or even sitting in a buzzing cafe.

One has to balance the scale and maintain an equilibrium to be able to be an ambivert.


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