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Who controls your thoughts? — Philosophy — Pooran

Who controls your thoughts? — Philosophy — Pooran

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Who Controls your Thoughts?

Who Controls your Thoughts?

Are you sad? That’s because something is absent from your life. Are you anxious? Then there is uncertainty about whether you will get what you desire. Do you get angry often? It’s when what you value is in danger. Are you envious? It could be because someone else has what you desire.

This means if you want to be happy, then instead of desiring or avoiding what is out of your control, you should focus on what is within your control — your judgment, your character, your mind. So, most of your negative emotions will fade away.


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But how can you be certain what is in your control?

But how can you be certain what is in your control?

Someone will say: ‘But even my thinking is not in my control entirely, externals influence it…’ Agreed, many external things influence your behavior like, the way your parents raised you, or the culture around you, and so on; but as soon as you understand that you have the power to influence and alter your deep beliefs, the power comes to you. Call it mental programming, subconscious patterns you can change it. It might be hard, but it’s not impossible. And would you rather remain in the miserable state or over.


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