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Wiki Encyclopedia of Everything - Everipedia

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What is Everipedia (IQ 🧠)?

What is Everipedia (IQ 🧠)?

Everipedia's IQ Network is the world's first Encyclopedia that allows anyone to become a stakeholder in the system and earn rank, rewards & IQ tokens for curating content.


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Everipedia - building the world‘s 1st peer-to-peer encyclopedia

Originally started in 2015 as a more modern and inclusive alternative to Wikipedia, Everipedia is now building the world's first peer-to-peer encyclopedia on the blockchain, incentivizing content creators by making them stakeholders in the knowledge base themselves.


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The IQ token 🧠

  • The IQ token is a DeFi, NFT, and Oracle token centered around bringing the world’s knowledge on-chain from finance to art to data.
  • The IQ token is multichain available on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and EOS.
  • The IQ token will also be the native token of the upcoming Brainchain, the first blockchain dedicated to bringing real-world knowledge on-chain.
  • The IQ token was first launched in 2018 and powers Everipedia encyclopedia, the decentralized prediction market PredIQt, the first-party oracle service Everipedia OraQles, and HiIQ.


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Yield Farming

  • You can earn rewards for providing liquidity for the IQ token.
  • The IQ token has several yield farming programs. You can earn IQ and Frax Share (FXS) tokens by providing liquidity to the IQ-FRAX pool on Uniswap V2. FXS is the native token of Frax Finance, the leading algorithmic stablecoin.
  • You can also earn QUICK tokens by providing liquidity to the IQ-QUICK pool on QuickSwap, the leading DEX on Polygon.


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IQ Top Exchanges

To make it easier for anyone to get IQ and get involved in the IQ ecosystem, IQ is getting both centralized and decentralized major exchange listings:

1. Centralized

  • Binance: IQ-BUSD and IQ-BNB
  • Upbit: IQ-KRW and IQ-BTC
  • Bitfinex

2. Decentralized

  • Uniswap V2
  • Uniswap V3
  • QuickSwap
  • PancakeSwap


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