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How to Have a More Focused Day – Steve Pavlina

How to Have a More Focused Day – Steve Pavlina

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How to have a productive day!

How to have a productive day!

The best way to use your time intelligently is to visualize the day well in advance just like watching a movie unfolding before your eyes.

While visualizing how each element of the next day would turn up...if there is something that isn't productive or you aren't happy about, you would be able to refine/revise the plan accordingly!

This is a form of mental programming of the upcoming day's to-do list! 

Subsequently, take note of how the day unfolds. Even though, it may not unfold perfectly as expected but would definitely be better than a day without visualization & refinement.


256 reads



Forever a learner / An aspiring tech entrepreneur! Passionate about #Entrepreneurship #Personaldevelopment #Tech #AnyformofArt ! Connect with me on Twitter :)

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