When You’re Confused, Clarify Your Intentions – Steve Pavlina - Deepstash
When You’re Confused, Clarify Your Intentions – Steve Pavlina

When You’re Confused, Clarify Your Intentions – Steve Pavlina


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When You’re Confused, Clarify Your Intentions – Steve Pavlina

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Whenever you get confused, it’s often super helpful to pause and clarify your intentions.

Just declare what you actually want in a sentence or two. Express it aloud or in writing. Then let it sink in and see how your body, mind, and feelings react to it.


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Reality can be very accommodating when you’re clear about asking for what you want.

If you don’t tell reality what you want, it has to guess. And it evaluates the accuracy of its guesses based on your responses (i.e. your actions and behaviors).


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Don’t sit down at a table in a restaurant to order if you’re not ready and hungry for your next meal.

Instead of acting confused about what to do, just rest in the state of not being hungry for any fresh goals yet.

Don’t chase after partial matches. Give your hunger some time to build up first.


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You can never set too many intentions. Even speaking your intentions aloud 100+ times per day, updating them moment by moment as you go, isn’t too much.

Once you get enough practice, it should take you just a few seconds to set an intention. It’s as simple as asking, “What do I want for dinner?”.

An intention doesn’t have to be complicated to inspire action. Even a very simple intention that you verbalize in a second or two has value.


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Confusion is the the default choice for many people because they haven’t voiced the desire for something better.

If you’re stuck in confusion, it’s because you’ve haven’t chosen and declared your intention for a lifestream that glides from one clear decision to the next.


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If you really want to transform your life in a huge way, set the intention to transcend partial matches.

See those either-or decisions for the traps they are. When you spot a decision like that, decline to make it.


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Many people live their life in confusion which leads to many problems at any decision gate. This article contains useful insight about the importance of clarifying our intentions in order to be always mindful about our actions and decisions.