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Saying "No", gracefully 😊

Saying "No", gracefully 😊

1. Separate the decision from the relationship

2. It doesn't have to mean using the word NO

3. Think about the tradeoff - you may be giving up something more important

4. Remind yourself that everyone is selling sth. - an opinion, idea, or a task in exchange for your time.

5. Make peace with the fact that saying no is usually trading popularity for respect

6. A clear "No" can be more graceful than a vague a Yes

Choose "No" more often than you say "No"


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Grab all you get?

Grab all you get?

Conor says in the book,

"Making our criteria both selective and explicit affords us a systematic tool for discerning what is Essential and filtering out the things that are not"

If it isn't a clear YES, it is a clear NO


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Eat, Read, Code, Sleep

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