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Self-discovery and its importance

Self-discovery and its importance


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Self-discovery and its importance

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Journey of Self

In today's world, where we jump from trend to trend, we learn how to adapt to new things almost instantaneously. However, in this process of keeping up with society, we lose something bigger - our sense of self.


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One word. Predictibility. When you know what you're made up of, what your thoughts are, what your emotions mean, your triggers, flaws and strengths - you can predict how you'd react, thus, having more control over our reactions.

Who we are today is a product of our upbringing, societal expectations, exposure, conditioning etc. When we attempt to strip away all these other layers, we get to the core Self.


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How do we explore the Self?

There are many different ways to dive into self-discovery. But, you're more likely to commit to it when it's the inner curiosity that pushes you to know more.

1. Regular reflections (be it good or hard times) can be of great help. Simply identifying your emotions and then analyzing them could lead to many breakthroughs.

2. Dive into your trauma (if applicable) - our past trauma has an impact on our present and future, and they have a habit of sneaking up in the most unexpected ways. Reflect on your adverse events and reach a resolution that works for you. To heal, you must feel.


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When you start your journey of Self, you'll discover parts of yourself that you've never seen before. Don't be afraid to interact with them. As you go deeper, it gets more addictive.


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