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How to Talk about Yourself in the Best Possible Way

How to Talk about Yourself in the Best Possible Way

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Believe everyone has an interesting story to tell

Believe everyone has an interesting story to tell

There is no such thing as talking about yourself in a vacuum. Connection implies having two sides in the relationship.

If you go into a conversation thinking only of yourself — your reputation, your goals, your achievements — the other party is going to sense that right away and you’re going to come across as self-centered and arrogant.


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Your the narrator of your life

Yes, your work says some things about you. Certainly if what you say and what you do don’t align, you’re going to lose credibility.

Don’t rely on your colleagues or friends to tell your story either. While it’s wonderful when they do, they only know a part of your life. No one else can read your mind and know your passions, your motivations, what you’ve learned, and what your dreams are.


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Find your nuggets of “why” and focus your story around those

Avoid the mistake of over-focusing on what you did. Nothing is more snooze-inducing than reciting a factual timeline of your life, your resume, or your achievements. 

The part that builds connection, that turns your story from a couple of black and white statistics into a colorful film, that adds the spice and herbs to your otherwise bland potatoes, is the passion and personal motivation behind your facts.


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Don’t leave out the facts of your achievements for humility’s sake

Don’t lie about your accomplishments. Don’t stretch the truth, either. Don’t go about wearing your curriculum vitae on your forehead and ensuring that everyone in your vicinity gets exposed to your list of good deeds. 

If you’re telling a story where the facts emerge naturally, don’t try to hide or play down the awesome things you did because of modesty.


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Know your “story clips” that you can call up in any situation

Get to know yourself and what your most authentic and interesting responses are for the common questions you’re asked.


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Go out and tell your story

Get out there and speak up. Express yourself as you really are, in your one-of-a-kind brilliance. 

Be understood. And in the process, you might just find out that you aren’t alone.


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