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Do You Make This Mistake In Conversations?

Do You Make This Mistake In Conversations?


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Do You Make This Mistake In Conversations?

Poor quality of conversation

In the era of social media and texting, our conversations seem to be impatient, distracted, and often rude. We tend to talk at one another instead of with one another.

Conversations are a chance to connect, laugh, and learn from others. If you don't make it all about you, you'll become a remarkable conversationalist.


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Competition disguised as conversation

  • Egocentric people like conversations to be about them and their favourite topic: themselves. 
  • Reserved people tend to listen more but don't share and are often steamrolled in a conversation.
  • Overconfident people tend to interrupt with everything they think they know.
  • Insecure people need to go one better than whatever accomplishment was shared.

The best conversations move past the initial chit chat and delve into a deeper engagement of recent struggles or successes or ideas.


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Tips for better conversations

  • Do more listening than talking. People love a great listener. It gives a sense of validation when someone listens closely to you.
  • Stop trying to be right.
  • Stop hogging the conversation. Our personal stories are not always fascinating to others. That is okay.
  • Stop the one-upmanship. It is often seen as intellectual snobbery or as being insecure.
  • Ask questions. If we want to learn more about people and life, we should see each person as a remarkable interview opportunity.
  • Give reciprocity. Talk about yourself but also ask about the other person.


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