What makes a Distinct Voice
  • YOUR POV: Your perspective on the world, how you see it, and how your background influences the types of stories you tell and what your characters say and do.
  • YOUR STYLE: Includes tone, word choice, syntax (how the words are used), sentence structure, descriptions, how you write action, the style of dialogue, punctuation, use of metaphor, breaking the fourth wall, magic realism, etc. It does not include emojis as of now.
  • YOUR THEMES: The common themes that come up in your work, regardless of genre. It is what you’re trying to say about the human/animal/robot/alien experience.


PART I: What Is the Writer’s Voice, And Why Is It Important?


  1. Voice is a massive part of your brand, if not your whole brand!
  2. Voice makes your script feel more individualistic, makes it cut through the noise of the PILE (pdf or 80lb paper), and wakes up the reader.
  3. Voice shows that you are a dynamic storyteller. Nobody else sees the world quite like you and that it is entertaining!
  4. Voice shows that you are in command of the story, that the reader is in good hands, and you will sustain the mood throughout the read.


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