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Building high-performing teams through continuous improvement

Building high-performing teams through continuous improvement

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Why should we focus on how teams work?

Why should we focus on how teams work?

A high-performing company is made up of many high-performing teams. If one team’s performance starts to slip and isn’t quickly corrected, other teams’ performance will be affected – with company-wide implications. 

And it isn’t just companies that want high-performing teams, it’s individual team members.


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When teams stop growing

A team that isn’t growing or adapting is stagnating. 

Teams need to continuously evolve, update strategies, and integrate new team members and leaders to maintain high levels of performance.


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The High-Performing Teams (HPT) framework

The four steps of the HPT framework are:

  • Measure: Take your measurements to identify the strengths and challenges that exist for the team. Using the same metrics each time deepens understanding and focuses discussions within the team.
  • Act: Get the team together and review the measurements. Decide on actions your team will take to improve the problem areas, and work on the most urgent first.
  • Review: Towards the end of the specified period, close out any open actions. Review the closed actions to see what worked and what didn’t.
  • Share: Pick out the actions that worked – these are your reusable plays for next quarter. Add them to the shared team playbook to create a global resource and share your learnings with other teams. In subsequent quarters, teams will be able to find relevant plays for the metrics they want to focus on.


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