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How to Save Yourself From “Information Overload”

How to Save Yourself From “Information Overload”


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How to Save Yourself From “Information Overload”

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When you notice information overload (a headache, fatigue, frustration, mood swing), don’t ignore it and don’t panic.

Say to yourself, “I’m in a new job and there is plenty to learn here. It’s okay to feel this way.”

This self-talk helps normalize the situation and makes the emotions easier to handle


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The goal here is to do what you can to help your brain help you. The more juice you reserve for processing information, the less likely you will be to experience overload.

Choose carefully how you expend your energy and avoid doing things that make your brain work harder than it has to. Here are a few ways to you can do this:


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Our brain keeps what it needs more immediately in our short-term memory and blends together information we may need to use in the future to store in our long-term memory. 

For the information that’s not needed, our brain acts like garbage disposal, sorting, recycling, and deleting it. You can help your brain sort and store information better to avoid overload.


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Organizations often have digital knowledge management systems to store and retrieve important information. You can do the same to reduce brain clutter.

Create a Word or Google document in which you write down information that your brain doesn’t need to remember or store.


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