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How Do I Deal with Information Overload?

How Do I Deal with Information Overload?


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How Do I Deal with Information Overload?

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Too Much Information

Today’s world is overloaded with so much good information all over the internet. But how do you manage and keep track of that information?

The problem of today is not finding the information you need but it is a problem of how to filter, learn and store the content which adds value to you. There is so much information and content all over that it’s really easy to get lost and waste a few hours. 


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Every Minute You Spend Online Is an Opportunity to Learn!

When you are spending time on LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter, Youtube, or something else, look for opportunities to learn. Ask yourself:

Does this post/video add value to me? Do I want to remember it?

Do I want to see more content from this creator?

If any content adds value, save it digitally using a note taking app or Google/Notion.


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A Digital Note-Taking System Setup

The content you consume can be divided into 2 categories:

  • Text Content
  • Video Content

Content consumption can be divided into 5 categories/tags:

  • Computer Science
  • Productivity
  • Startups
  • Finance
  • Writing

These categories/tags are the same across different services, like Google or Notion.


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Handling Text And Video Notes

Text content includes Kindle, Medium, Web Articles, etc.

Video content includes youtube, online conferences, etc.

Taking notes while watching videos online is very important. Think it this way: You know there is an awesome video about a topic that you watched in past. You want to review it for some work but don’t have enough time. If you had created notes while watching the video it would have been a matter of a few seconds. Because watching videos takes 10+ minutes but browsing through content with images and notes takes less than 2–3 minutes.


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Review Your Notes

When you create your notes. You have context about what the notes are about so it takes less time to review. If you read some notes written by another person they won’t be the same as the ones you create yourself.

Information overload is real. There are all kinds of information Good, Bad, Right, Wrong, etc. The content we consume directly impacts our personality as well as our knowledge. So, it is important to follow people who inspire you to grow and become better. And in order to not forget the good content you are consuming, you must save it somewhere and review it regularly.


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