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Why Sports Fans are Sports Fans - Wait But Why

Why Sports Fans are Sports Fans - Wait But Why

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Non-sports fans

To Non-sports fans, caring about sports seems pointless.

  • To them, there's a bunch of strangers getting paid to play games against each other.
  • There are no real-world consequences. Some teams lose almost every season, and when they eventually win after hours and hours of dedication, there is no major change in the spectators' life.
  • For a while, the spectators will stand on the street and yell things. They will buy a t-shirt and spend a few days reading articles about the great victory; then they get back with their regular life.


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Sports fans

Sports fans are sports fans because it’s entertaining.

  • The high drama. Because so many people are involved, it creates drama, which makes it a big hit.
  • It’s fun to watch greatness. People have a fascination with greatness. Sport is a place to watch the top .001% against each other while you who rank much lower can sit on a couch and judge them.
  • It taps into our creepy side. Part of people wants to sit in the ancient Roman Coliseum and watch people fight to the end, destroying their dreams in front of 20,000,00 people.
  • It’s aesthetically pleasing. This is a huge appeal of many of the Olympic sports.


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Sports connect 

  • On a micro level, sports connects family and friends. Sports are a talking point that can add a level of closeness to friends or family that would otherwise not be there.
  • On a macro level, it gives the greater community another thing to bond over. Sports create an "us versus them" feeling, which allows people to be part of the collective "us."
  • Sports can give two people that find each other awkward, something to talk about.


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The fascination with sports

The fascination with sports

  • The sports world is fascinated with the drama of famous athletes away from the sports field.
  • Sports provide an escape from life when you're sick of your own issues.
  • Sport allows spectators to capture a little sliver of feeling the glory.


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