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Low-Code and No-Code Design Is the Future of Website Building

Low-Code and No-Code Design Is the Future of Website Building

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What exactly is low code and no code?

Low code and no code are widely defined as visual approaches to web development.

With low code and no code, website building platforms can automate nearly every step of the development process and streamline builds, drastically increasing development speed for web professionals.

There are two main areas of low-code and no-code development:

  • One type is design-first platforms, which allow web professionals to build visually engaging web applications.
  • The other type is functionality-first platforms. These were built around providing functionality and are best used as internal tools to automate IT processes swiftly.


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Rapid training

It is much quicker to train someone to use a low-code or no-code platform than to turn them into a skilled web developer. 

Currently, it’s common for people to go to college or spend years getting certified as web developers. However, the number of people doing this is likely to drop significantly as low-code and no-code platforms expand services and continue to find clever ways to match the product quality of advanced coding.


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The power of white-labeling

Much can be achieved with low code and no code, however, it’s not always necessary to create a website from scratch. When combining a low-code or no-code platform with white-label integrations, designers build what they need to quickly, with no code, while complex software that has already been built by others integrates seamlessly into a single solution.

This combination allows design agencies, SaaS platforms and freelance web designers to produce at a higher frequency, which leads to increased productivity, sales, and client satisfaction. Although there are a lot of things that can be developed with low code and no code, sometimes it makes even more sense to integrate and use white-label solutions offered by others.


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