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Medium vs Ghost Blog CMS. Which Has Better Features for Blogging?

Medium vs Ghost Blog CMS. Which Has Better Features for Blogging?


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Medium vs Ghost Blog CMS. Which Has Better Features for Blogging?

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I feel like I should address this because Wordpress is mostly the go-to solution for building your own blog.

I considered Wordpress, but my main priority was that my blog should be blazing fast.

I come from an eCommerce development background so slow loading speed is a huge priority for me in my work. (For online stores, every second of loading speed means a 7% loss in revenue ).

Also, more people are now reading blogs on their mobile phone. This is another reason why loading speed is important, and also why a site should be visually clean and lightweight.


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  • It is incredibly easy to use. It’s clean, and it’s fast, and I love when an admin is fast! It lets me work much smoother.
  • From a developer’s perspective, I like it. Very simple.
  • I like the code injections abilities. They allow you to quickly make CSS changes without touching the actual theme code.


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  • There’s no theme customizer. I expected to see a lot more under the design tab. Like at least a few options for changing the layout.
  • The setup on digital ocean was a bit difficult even for me as a front-end developer, because I don’t know anything about setting up servers. (That being said it only took 90 mins which is pretty good.)
  • The admin is very fast, and the writing interface is a joy to use. Very similar to Medium.
  • Only two social accounts by default. Facebook and Twitter. To add more you will need to edit the theme code. This seemed a bit weird to me.


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  • The fonts look nicer. (Actually the font on Medium is beautiful and very hard to beat).
  • The editor is faster. The editor that pops up to make something bold or a title, is just half a second faster on Medium.
  • Phone Editing! While writing this article in Ghost I also realized that I can’t write from my phone, like I do with Medium. This is important for me, because I have little bits of inspiration throughout the day and I need to write them down.


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Right away Ghost wins this category, because you don’t really have any ability to customize your Medium blog.

For a developer Ghost is perfect. You can change anything you want. As a non-developer though, you’re quite limited.

I really expected Ghost to have more design functionality — various options to change the positions of content, ways to customize the header and footer, add social icons, maybe change some font sizes.


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Needless to say, SEO is incredibly important for bloggers. And I’m happy to say that the SEO options provided with Ghost are excellent.

Easily add excerpts and metadata. 

Entire sections to customize the look of the Twitter and Facebook Cards. (What your post preview looks like when you share)

The site itself is fast which is a huge boost to SEO.

There is structured data built-in. You can see this using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

Default Google AMP integration. Making the blog mobile-friendly.


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