The Top 5 Female Policies you need to have in your business - Deepstash
The Top 5 Female Policies you need to have in your business

The Top 5 Female Policies you need to have in your business

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Supporting women's health with small interventions

Supporting women's health with small interventions

Men and women have different health needs. In the UK, women age 50 to 64 represent 50% of the UK workforce, and 80% of women going through menopause are working.

Women bring various talents and skills to the table, and small interventions can help support women's health and make them feel safe and supported.


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Knowledge and education

Business leaders should educate themselves and their teams on issues that impact women's health, for example, miscarriage, IVF fertility treatment, endometriosis, postnatal depression, and menopause that can cause memory loss, insomnia, hot flushes, and lack of confidence.

Line managers must be up to date and develop communication skills to talk to female colleagues. Internal campaigns can promote female health, and awareness days can help encourage active dialogue around these issues.


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Open conversational culture

Encouraging conversations around women's health at work can increase awareness of the often taboo subjects. 

For example, women often feel uncomfortable revealing genuine physical and psychological symptoms of what they're going through.


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Policies and framework

Employers have a social responsibility to formulate policies and develop a framework to adequately support female health issues, such as monthly menstruation, pregnancy and maternity leave, fertility, and menopause.

Proper bathroom facilities, access to cold drinking water, a desk fan and ventilation can ease the symptoms of menstruating or menopausal women.


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Flexible working patterns

A significant cause of stress for women is juggling work with childcare and domestic responsibilities.

  • Offering flexible work instead of a 9 to 5 pattern can help women work around their other routines. 
  • Employers need to set realistic deadlines, not expect immediate responses to email, internal messaging or other demands. 
  • Gender pay gap issues should also be addressed.


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Access to healthcare services

Women need access to contraception, antenatal and fertility care, menopause care, and routine screening.

Women should feel that these types of appointments can be accommodated with their work timetable. A business can also put provisions in place to allow access to a virtual GP. Company funded health checks could include cervical and breast screening.


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