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The Importance of Being Little


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The Importance of Being Little

by Erika Christakis

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"Buliding a fort Activates more cognitive learning domains than doing worksheet At the table."


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Ageless Questions Answered

1. Why the No Child Left Behind program actually held most children back?

2. Which professions pay the same as teachers?

3. Why teaching young children how to read a calendar is a pointless exercise?


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Pre-school System Serves Adults More Than Their Students

Preschool system is designed by adults to serve them the purpose of nurturing children.

Everyone sitting in their respective chairs paying attention to the one standing in the room. Does it sound familiar? Does it sound like meetings or classrooms?

The modern classrooms are more focused on lecturing them playing. Hence serves our parents more then children.

Playing with children involves more f brain activity them lectures. We all are very familiar with flight of brain during lectures. This is hampering opportunities of learning on their own; not recognising their own talents.


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Adults Forget What It Likes To Be A Child

Kids are remarkably adept at teaching themselves what they like. For instance, babies of just ten months can tell when they’re being spok⁵en to in different languages. By forcing a strict curriculum onto creative children, we actually damage this natural ability. So why do we do it?

It all boils down to a poor understanding of children’s cognitive capabilities.

Unfortunately, adults have missed this simple fact; preschools, which once prepared children for their education, are becoming more like real schools.


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Poor Educational Funding

Today we know more about children’s minds than ever before. We also clearly understand the importance of high-quality education. But then why aren’t we allocating resources to make these ideas a reality?

The teachers are being paid low wages that is directly proportional to the quality of their work. Furthermore, many teachers end up making compromises on their students’ education simply to meet the rigid targets and standards that their licenses and funding depend on.


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Useless facts don’t do as much for children’s success as skills.

At the core of these much-needed improvements would be removing the parts of curriculum that focus on useless facts and replacing them with skills. This would equip young people with everything they need to succeed throughout school and life.

Consider how a child could use problem-solving and communication skills while working on a group project in class and during family time. A kindergartner that learns these same skills will also help them perform better in the later years of school.


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