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Doom-Scrolling & The Dark Side of Social Media

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The Need To Be Seen

Do everything in order to show something to someone, and I don't mean to show your best friend something. I mean to show your outfit, what you're doing at the moment, your pictures, and even your private life, for example, on your Instagram stories.

Once, I heard one of my friends saying, 'I don't want to show other people my life; I just want to maintain a diary of my life.' But you can have a diary without showing the world your life. Many people don't realize what the reality is. The reality is that we unconsciously fall into an addiction.

Social Media: The Addictive Lifestyle

It often happens that when you start posting and scrolling on social media, it becomes an addiction and a 'need' to satisfy every day. Soon, it will start to dominate your life and your mind.

You may not want to delete it because you won't be able to stay updated on what other people are doing and the news from the 'outside world.

Fake Identities

Saying "Fake Identity" is probably an exaggeration, but it's true that many people show the best part of them, and maybe it's not even real. Maybe they're not satisfied in that moment, but is important to post something beautiful to see, because real feelings sometimes cannot be shown

🧠❗(I was getting into the role, because of course it's important to understand and feel the feelings even if they're "bad", like sadness, angry, pain ecc).

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