Become A Faster Learner

  1. Find someone who shouldn’t excel at a skill but does anyway.They’ll have insights that regular experts lack thus giving you more ways to pursue the skill.
  2. Ignore the details and try to focus on the big picture. Once you grasp the key concepts, the rest should flow more easily.
  3. Make bite-sized and attainable goalsfor yourself to increase likelihood of success. Having defined deadlines with very actionable tasks will get you to the finish line faster.
  4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, they are part of the learning process. Pushing yourself to get everything right just adds unnecessary stress and pressure.
  5. Ask for helpeven if you don’t consider yourself a novice. It’s natural to be reluctant but most people are glad to advise and it speeds your learning.
  6. Reward yourself for the steps you take, just enough to keep you going and to keep the morale up.

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The Checklist to Becoming a Faster Learner

The Checklist to Becoming a Faster Learner