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CBT Addresses The Current Problem

CBT Addresses The Current Problem

CBT addresses the current problem, but this does not mean an individual's past is not explored.

Therapy aims to discuss how a client is currently feeling and how to move forward towards recovery.

When necessary, a therapist will delve into someone's past, as the issue at hand could be significantly linked to past experiences or behaviours and may need to be discovered to aid recovery.

CBT Helps Identify Irrational Thoughts

CBT Helps Identify Irrational Thoughts

Part of CBT therapy is about identifying and exploring negative thoughts, but this does not mean that CBT allows you to turn on a switch and just think ‘positively’. If that were the case, there would be no need for actual therapy. 

CBT helps people develop flexible and helpful ways of thinking and to understand specific thought patterns they have that contribute to their mental health issue. 

CBT Is Flexible

CBT Is Flexible

CBT is a flexible treatment that can be tailored to specific disorders and individuals.

CBT requires therapists to have a deep understanding of their client and their needs. Everyone has a different story, different situations, different personalities and traits. This means everyone's struggle with their mental health is also different, but CBT allows variation, so can be an effective therapy for everyone. 

Misconceptions About CBT

Misconceptions About CBT

Cognitive behavioural therapy is an evidence-based treatment intervention for a range of psychological disorders, including common problems like anxiety and depression. 

But even though CBT is widespread, it’s still highly misunderstood—even by the professionals who practice it. Numerous myths still abound.

  1. CBT is a ‘one size fits all’ approach
  2. CBT is about positive thinking
  3. CBT doesn’t care about the past
  4. CBT only addresses symptoms not the person

CBT Unveils Our Core Beliefs

CBT Unveils Our Core Beliefs

For people to get better, they need to understand themselves well. They need to know why they are feeling a particular emotion or carrying out a certain behaviour.

CBT therapy allows individuals to discover core beliefs that influence them in the present. 

Exploring the way our brains work, our reactions and how we cope with things in life, are all learnings from CBT therapy that can assist us throughout our lives. 

Once we understand what has happened to us to learn unhelpful behaviours or beliefs the CBT therapist will focus and address what can be done about it.

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