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Before you can increase your value you need to have courage. Sometimes this means having the courage to change. Benjamin Mee, the acclaimed author of the book turned movie, “We Bought a Zoo”, says that sometimes, you just need “20 seconds of insane courage” to take that first step…whether it be asking for something, taking a leap (actually or figuratively!), signing up for something, etc. Take initiative and don’t be afraid to try new things that may improve your skills, or help you make connections with others. It is the first step to increasing your self-value.

Self Value

Self Value

This is at the heart of what makes you unique and is at the center of what you can offer others. Be of value to others by regarding your feelings and thoughts as a barometer. Allow positive thoughts to propel you to help others. Dispel negative thoughts and feelings that may have the opposite effect. Depending on your actions, you have the power to elevate or disappoint others. Choose to empower, choose to share, choose to use your value to make a difference for others!



Once you have the courage to try something new, you will encounter a new experience. Your courageous turn of events may lead to learning something new, traveling somewhere, attending an event, doing something you’ve never done before, creating an important relationship or joining a new organization, etc.


From your experience, whatever it is, you will gain knowledge. Now you have something new that you can share with people or use in service to others. Knowledge is powerful and can lead you to even greater things, mainly…

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