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Anxiety when you have to speak in public

  • Use cognitive reframing. Visualise how the presentation will go and how you will succeed.
  • Toastmasters is great to rehearse in front of a group. Or practise with the television on. It gives a similar distraction to anxiety.
  • Try to breathe slower before a talk.

Handling anxiety at work

  • Identify what triggers your anxiety, then find ways to cope with them.
  • Leave reminders on your phone or desk with ways for how to respond to what you're feeling.
  • Allow yourself some time out.

Keep in mind that the anticipation of a certain situation is often worse than the reality. We frequently anticipate the worst-case scenario, then find it was not that bad after all.

Anxiety when flying on a plane

  • Before you book a flight, look at pictures of planes and listen to aeroplane sounds.
  • Volunteer to collect someone from the airport. Park your car and go into the airport.
  • Read up about how common aeroplane accidents are - they are rare.
  • When you are on the plane, take a small coping kit with you full of things that might be calming to smell, touch, taste, hear, or see.

When a loved one gets sick

When a loved one gets sick, we are filled with anxiety.

Focus on your values and the version of you that you want to be for someone who's struggling. It allows you to be there for them instead of letting anxiety dictate how you act.

Anxiety when you lose your job or someone dies

  • Validate that experience. It is normal that it will cause you anxiety as it is a time of difficulty.
  • Be kind to yourself. Consider how you would care for a friend in that situation and how you would extend that same kindness to yourself.
  • Reach out to people around you who can be comforting and calming.

Anxiety can be kept in check

Anxiety can be kept in check

Anxiety is on the rise. And women are twice as likely to experience anxiety as men.

The more you understand what you're feeling, the more you will feel that anxiety is something you can overcome or keep in control.

At work during an anxiety attack

  • When you find yourself in an attack at work, ground yourself. Grip the arms of your chair tightly. Tense all your muscles for a count of 20. Then relax your body.
  • Use self-talk: "It will pass. I just need to ride the wave."
  • You may have to go to the bathroom and splash your face with water or take a walk.

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