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ODD Among Adults

ODD Among Adults

  • feeling angry at the world
  • feeling misunderstood or disliked
  • strong dislike for authority, including supervisors at work
  • identifying as a rebel
  • defending themselves vehemently and not being open to feedback
  • blaming others for their own mistakes

Adults with ODD can manage their disorder by:

ODD Among Children

ODD Among Children

  • frequent temper tantrums or episodes of anger
  • refusal to comply with adult requests
  • excessive arguing with adults and authority figures
  • always questioning or actively disregarding rules
  • behavior intended to upset, annoy, or anger others, especially authority figures
  • blaming others for their own mistakes or misbehaviors
  • being easily annoyed
  • vindictiveness

ODD: Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

ODD: Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

ODD is a behavioral disorder that results in defiance and anger against authority. It can affect a person’s work, school, and social life.

ODD affects between 1 and 16 percent of school age children. It’s more common in boys than girls. Many children start to show symptoms of ODD between the ages of 6 and 8 years. ODD also occurs in adults. Adults with ODD who were not diagnosed as children often go undiagnosed.

Behavioural pattern of the victim of ODD

At least one of these symptoms must be displayed with someone who is not a sibling. The categories and symptoms include:

Angry or irritable mood, which includes symptoms like:

  • often losing their temper
  • being touchy
  • being easily annoyed
  • often becoming angry or resentful

Diagnosis of ODD

The disorder is often difficult to diagnose in adults because many of the symptoms overlap with antisocial behaviors , substance abuse, and other disorders.

There is no proven cause of ODD, but there are theories that can help identify potential causes. It’s thought a combination of environmental, biological, and psychological factors cause ODD. For example, it’s more common in families with a history of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) .

Therapies applied for treating ODD

Individual cognitive behavioral therapy: A psychologist will work with the child to improve:

  • anger management skills
  • communication skills
  • impulse control
  • problem-solving skills

They may also be able to identify potential contributing factors.

  • increasing positive reinforcements and reducing negative reinforcements
  • using consistent punishment for bad behavior
  • using predictable and immediate parenting responses
  • modeling positive interactions in the household
  • reducing environmental or situational triggers (For example, if your child’s disruptive behaviors seem to increase with a lack of sleep, make sure they get enough sleep.)

Following therapies have been very useful for treating ODD

Family therapy: A psychologist will work with the whole family to make changes. This can help parents find support and learn strategies for handling their child’s ODD.

Parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT): Therapists will coach the parents as they interact with their children. Parents can learn more effective parenting techniques.

Peer groups: The child can learn how to improve their social skills and relationships with other children.

Medications: These can help treat causes of ODD, such as depression or ADHD. However, there is no specific medication to treat ODD itself.

Argumentative or defiant behavior, which includes symptoms like:

  • having frequent arguments with authority figures or adults
  • actively defying requests from authority figures
  • refusing to comply with requests from authority figures
  • deliberately annoying others
  • blaming others for misbehavior


  • acting spitefully at least twice in a six-month period

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